Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Projects. End of School.

So today Joseph, Elliott and myself headed out to leda to hit up some routes for the last time before elliott heads back to nashville (so sad). We warmed up on a 5.7 then hit girls only (5.10). I climbed the first 10 feet of Girls Only which was so freaking sketchy because there's one really reachy move before the first clip. I fell. I thought I hurt my ankle, but luckily I was solid and I hopped back on and got the red point. Elliott and Jo followed suit. We then headed over to the harder area of Leda and worked a route called 1%. None of us have ever really been strong/dedicated sport climbers so we thought we'd set our sights high and see how we turned out. Joseph and Elliott had both gotten up the route before with several falls but it was the first time I'd ever tried a 12. After several falls, I made it to the top of the route. I was reasonably psyched because I feel like on a day where I knew the beta and was fresh, it could potentially go for me. So 1% is a new project for me. I've got all the moves so I think it'll go. That's it. Stay thirsty my friends.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

v7 FLASH!!

So a few days ago, Sam, Joseph, Taylor Vice, and myself headed out to the city of little rocks to hit up some sweet boulder problems on a beautiful day. First, we worked a nice v5 called Ghost (while enjoying fat tire in a can). We all put in good work and I (Jordan) was able to get the send. Next we hit up this one really slopy v5 behind ghost that was not too good on an 80 degree day. Needless to say, we didn't send. Next we headed over to the super mario boulder. Now I had planned on trying to get a flash of Red House which is a v7. I don't really know why I wanted to do it, or why I thought it was possible (v7 is the highest grade i've sent). But with some help from my buddy Nate Drolet, I was able to FLASH THE PROBLEM!~ I was so freaking psyched! Then later on I hit up the classic v5 Ghengis Khan and got that on the second go. Joseph put in some work on The Hulk (v6) but wasn't feeling it so he didn't stick the move. So here are some pictures from our day at the boulders taken by the one and only Bonnie Mcdonald. Also, keep checking back here because I've got two new projects that I'll hopefully be able to hit over the next two weeks. They're robbing the tooth fairy (v9) and Fatigue Syndrome (v8). I'm feeling ambitious so we'll see how this goes.