Friday, March 26, 2010

Chatt Town Throw Down!! (it's been a minute)

So I haven't posted in a while, my bad. Things have been really busy for us over the last couple weeks and I've done a really bad job at keeping up with this guy. It also doesn't help that I've been doing tons of work on my other blog (click me) But anyways, enough with the excuses. Last week was our third competition of the season for our UTC team (Chatt Nasty). We did pretty solid pulling in 2nd (Matt Henckle) and 3rd (Joseph Ezell) in men's and 1st (Brea Holland), 2nd (Ashley Hamilton), and 3rd (Rachel Gilson) in women's! In other news, Joseph got eliminator the other day which is sweet. So far we're doing pretty good in the standings and the setting process has more than begun for the Chatt Town Throw Down!

The Chatt Town Throw Down is the 4th CCS competition of the season for the Appalachian region which is what UTC is in. Myself, Drew, Sam, Rachel, and Tommy have been setting for it all week and we're more than a little psyched! We've got some sweet swag lined up and some awesome people coming out to help us throw down! Climbers from Appalachian State University, Bravard College, UTK, Belmont, Chatt State, and several other schools will be coming out to rep it hard for their schools. One thing is for sure, seeing people climb our problems and getting to hang out with climbers all weekend is gonna be sweet. Here's what the poster looks like, if you're a college student, come out!! Here's the link for more information: (for more info, click here)

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