Saturday, March 12, 2011

the sweetness

So the past few weeks have been magical for the boys of 1802 Chamberlain. Here's what's been going down: 

First and foremost, ELLIOTT SENT T-THONG!! 

Elliott Brown on Tennessee Thong v7

In case you haven't had the privilege of seeing Elliott work it over the past 3 years, you probably won't ever see him touch it again because his nemesis has finally been sent. It literally got ridiculous how dialed Elliott had the first moves to Tennessee thong, but that last bump has haunted him for years (no really... years). But with some new beta and courage, Elliott decided to hit it up at the end of our session on Friday and he's so glad he did. In the hours after the sun had sent, Elliott dug deep and pulled it out! Gah, I'm so proud of him. Friday was also sweet because Lindsey Kirkland came out with us and got her first v6 (Shotgun), and Zoe Smith flashed her first v3 (totally gonna be climbing v5 is she keeps going outside). 

Lindsey Kirkland on Shotgun v6

On a personal note, we went out to Dayton today for only my second time and I was able to send Torpedo (v7) on my first go of the day and get all the moves of Honeycomb (v10!). Everything felt great and I'm hoping that with a few more days over spring break to work it I might be able to pull out a send which would be a HUGE burst of confidence for me. I know it's late in the bouldering season (like it's basically over) but we're still fighting for these last few weeks of stacking pads. 

Here are some more pictures of recent climbing excursions: 

Me on Tristar v3

Elliott Brown on Celestial Mechanics v7

The Crew


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