Sunday, April 3, 2011


Joseph on a sweet slab problem
So on Saturday Sam, myself, and Aubree led a trip out to Foster Falls for UTC outdoors to do some route climbing and it was awesome. The weather was super nice, we had an amazing group, and everybody did something they'd never done before. We had people lead climbing who'd never climbed outside, people trying climbing for the first time, and a lot of people who were just psyched to be outdoors. Then today Joseph and I hit up Cumberland boulders for the first time. I'd seen a video of the roof and thought it looked awesome so we went there first. I checked out the beta for a bit and was able to send Seven Eleven Stand (v7) on my flash attempt which was sweet. Jo put some serious work on it and did all the moves, but wasn't able to link em. I also tried the "sit" which I was really psyched on because it's just a huge campus move into the 7 start, but I wasn't able to latch on to the start hold of the stand variation (is that confusing?). Then we explored the boulder field a bit and ran across a really sweet problem I just found out is called Riverside. It's a v5 dyno thing that I was actually super psyched on which is crazy cuz I don't like dynos at all. I hit the top a few times, but wasn't able to send. That might be the prettiest line out there. Overall, it was an awesome weekend of rock climbing. Here are some pictures from Cumberland:

Seven Eleven Stand

working the "sit"

the left hand hold on the start to the Seven Eleven Sit

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