Sunday, January 31, 2010

2 more 7's

Thursday was a solid day for the boys out at LRC. We worked a couple fun problems. Elliott worked The Shield (he got the first 3 moves), we all worked T thong, and we hit junkie a little more. Jo was super psyched to send Spyro Gyro (v7) on only his second day of working it. Elliott also sent Junkie (v7) on his first day of working it. I gave it a single attempt and got to the top (again) but didn't feel like risking the fall with too few pads. Unfortunately, we were very neglectful with the camera and didn't get video or pictures of any of our noteworthy sends. We're still in need of a solid camera and with rumors of the school having ones we can rent, we're stoked. Hopefully we'll get out to LRC a couple times this week and crush some new stuff.

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