Wednesday, February 3, 2010

TBA comp

A good time was had by all at TBA's first in a 3 part series of competitions tonight. Most places, me and the boys would consider ourselves advanced climbers, but TBA continues to keep us humble by setting freakin sweet and freakin hard problems. We all competed Intermediate (which was accurate seeing as how we couldn't send a single advanced problem). Joseph got 1st, Elliott got 2nd, and I got third. The problems were sweet and I snagged a used pair of 5.10 5xs for only $50. So psyched! Once again, we didn't get pictures or videos (i know i know) but we're gonna try and do better (promise). The good news is that my dad is sending me a camera in the mail that I can use for climbing and we found a flip video camera at the library that we can check out. What we really need to do though is get Chris Adams and Josh Ritchie to live in Chattanooga and document all our worthy sends. I'll have more soon. Peace.


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