Thursday, January 20, 2011

80's Babies and a Soggy Day

So we at Chatt Nasty just had our second annual back to school bash climbing competition! This year we decided to call it "80's Babies." Of course, everyone dressed in their best 1980's attire and we all got down to some Bon Jovi while crushing plastic boulder problems. Myself and drew were the only setters for this comp and I think we did a pretty good job. The turnout was fantastic and we even had some newcomers take Men's open. I took pictures the whole time and then decided to play around with some new photo editing software I've acquired. The pictures might not be classically beautiful, but I've always had a thing for high contrast, crazy effect photos. So here they are. Oh, and the soggy day was when I went out solo climbing at LRC on a major snow melt day last week. I was barely able to climb anything cuz of sloppy top outs, but I was able to claim my first send of A Face in the Crowd v7, a flash of Boro Traverse v6, and a few other fun v4s and 3s.

Brett working his way through one of our Advanced Problems

Elliott working his way up to brush a hold I think

Fellers figuring out how to break more holds

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