Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Winter Tick List

So I went out with Sam yesterday and he finally got Super Mario Brothers!! That problem has been giving him trouble for years so it was awesome to see hi slay bowzer (as he said). While I was there I decided to check out the right extension to Red House. From the jug at the end of Red House I was able to piece together all the moves of the extension after only a couple goes. I then tried to link them up but kept getting shut down on one of the early moves of Red House. But either way that problem now goes on the tick list which I've assembled thanks to my handy, dandy Stone Fort (LRC) Guidebook!!! Seriously, the thing is siiiick! Here's the list for the winter as of now. Hopefully I'll be crossing these guys off asap. 

Jerry's Kids (7)
Red House Extension (8)
Tooth Fairy (7)
Cast Away (7)
The Wave (5)
Cleopatra (8)
A Face in the Crowd (7)
Deception (7)
Diesel Power (5) 
Instinct (7)

Now that I've got the guidebook I'm realizing how few problems I've actually done so now is the time to dedicate some time to ye olde Stone Fort. 

thanks for reading (pictures/videos to come soon) 


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