Friday, November 19, 2010


Ok so after an amazing week last week, I've spent most of this week in the serious dumps. On Saturday we had our first CCS comp of the season and our team crushed beyond all reason. Chatt Nasty came out in huge ways taking 1st through 13th place in mens and 1st and 2nd in women's! The comp was a lot of fun and although we missed our App state homies, we still had a blast throwing down on the plastic. On a personal note, I spent about half the comp working on the last move of one problem which I came painfully close to sending just about every attempt. The ending move was a giant grab for the top rail and at the very end of the comp elliott and I figured out new beta which made the move a little more doable but neither of us was able to send. That problem caused my body so much pain because I was landing on my back from the top bar time after time after time. I wanted to send it so badly because I thought that if I didn't get it then I wouldn't get third. I know it sounds dumb to use so much energy on a problem like that at a comp, but it was a personal goal of mine to make the top 3. Well as it turns out, I got third place without the problem and have spent the past week recovering from all the climbing I did last week. First I was sore, then my back started hurting and now I pulled something in my wrist that's making it go numb whenever I tweak it. So I'm leading a trip out to LRC tomorrow for UTC outdoors but besides that I'll probably be keeping it pretty low key for the next few days in an attempt to get over all this hurting. Oh yeah, and I'm missing the ETSU route comp tomorrow because I can't climb on this wrist. Suckssss!! But I'm not worried cuz I know the team will crush. 

peace out! 

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